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I've set up this page to help people quickly find the most commonly requested needles.

Most of these are made for cartridges that were made for many different manufactures. In other words, the exact same cartridge & needle can be found fitted to dozens of different brand turntable and each with it's own name on it, but it's still the same cartridge and the same needle... 

There are literally hundreds of different models and all using the same needle. So the key here is to match by sight, have your stylus in front of you and use that as your guide.

Please use care in your selection. 

Read!  Matching physical design is the single most important aspect.

Read! Stylus are not color keyed, match or mismatch of color is not important.

Helpful Hint! Remove your stylus and have it in hand for comparing.

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Below is the Audio Technica 211-D6C, it fits Many Audio Technica 2000 & 3600 series cartridges as well as a variety of JVC, AIWA, Denon, Dual, Hitachi, Magnavox, Onkyo, Panasonic, Philips, Pioneer, Sharp, Sony, Sansui, Technics, Toshiba, Yamaha cartridges and even a few more...

IMG_4930.JPG (12700 bytes) IMG_4931.JPG (11273 bytes)

211-D6C $25


IMG_4920.JPG (13834 bytes) IMG_4921.JPG (12480 bytes)

4211-D6 $13

The generic version of the 211-D6C


Below is the Audio Technica 213-D6C, it fits Audio Technica 3472 & 3482 cartridges, plus several Dual, Hitachi, Kenwood, Magnavox, Panasonic, Pioneer, Sansui, Fisher, Sony, Zenith and more.

IMG_4914.JPG (14796 bytes) IMG_4916.JPG (52950 bytes)

4213-D6 $13

The generic version of the 213-D6C


The two most commonly purchased Shure needles

IMG_1648.JPG (26901 bytes)

4759-D7C/N44-C $19.50

Fits: Shure M44, M55, M80 & M98 Series

Replaces: N44

IMG_2120.JPG (48864 bytes)

4760-DE $18

Fits: Shure M71, M74, M75 & M81 Series

Replaces: N72E, N75E, N75-6 & N75-ED

.3 x .7 Elliptical

Replaces: N72E, N75E, N75-6, N75ED



IMG_4889.JPG (16186 bytes) IMG_4890.JPG (23278 bytes)

718-D7 $15

Fits: Panasonic, Technics, Marantz, Onkyo, Yamaha, Curtis and Many Others



IMG_2063.JPG (49578 bytes)

Fits: Electro Voice, Magnavox, Thorpe, Sears, Astatic & Many Others

Available in two Versions

557-DS73 with One side 3 mil tipped for 78's, the other .7 mil tip (stereo compliant) for 45/33 use. $10


Or 557-DS77 with both sides .7 mil for Stereo 45/33 play $10


IMG_4871.JPG (20526 bytes) IMG_4872.JPG (15255 bytes)

793-D7 $10.99

Fits: Sanyo, Coca-Cola, Spectra, Crosley, Emerson, Fisher, JC Penny, RCA, Magnavox, Panasonic, Sharp, Denon, Sony, BSR and almost all nostalgia style and USB/Digital turntables.


IMG_4856.JPG (19589 bytes) IMG_4857.JPG (16606 bytes)

901-D7 $15

Fits: Empire, Sanyo, Fisher, Kenwood, Sharp, Sony and others

The two needles shown below fit Tetrad brand cartridges which are commonly found in many of the follow makes: Airline, Capehart, Columbia, Curtis, Emerson, Astatic, Grand Prix, Magnavox, Motorola, Panasonic, Radio Shack, Sanyo, Sears, Soundesign, Vanity Fair, Westinghouse, Zenith and still many more...

IMG_4864.JPG (201776 bytes)

M853-DS77 $10

Fits Tetrad cartridges with the follow: 

53D, 53S, 63D, 63S, A3, B3, C3

Replaces All T5HD, TC8H1 Needles


IMG_4859.JPG (22660 bytes)

M854-DS77 $10

Fits Tetrad cartridges with the follow: 

23D, 23S, 43D, 43S, E3, G3, SN1, TC8H

Replaces All T2MD, T3MD needles


Don't see your needle listed here, try the master list page!


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