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Just about every Nostalgia styled record player on the market uses the below listed needles. 

When I say "just about" that doesn't mean all, it's means most, so be sure to closely compare your needle to what's shown before ordering.

You'll also find the same needles used on most USB/Digital turntables. What is a USB turntable? It's a turntable that's designed to play and convert your 45/33's or 78's from analog media and transfer it to a digital format. In simple terms they transfer your old records to your MP3 player, a CD or directly onto your computer. 

They are sold under brands like: Sanyo, Coca-Cola, Spectra, Salzburg, Crosley, Emerson, Fisher, JC Penny, RCA, Magnavox, Panasonic, Sharp, Denon, Sony, BSR and by companies like Cabela's and the Improvementscatalog.com

Note! You must swap your needle from a .7 mil to a 3 mil type to play 78's. The groove width is different and you will damage your records.

part numbers ending in D7 or D7M are .7 mil and for 45/33 only

Part numbers ending in D3 or S3 are 3 mil and for 78 use only

I only offer first quality diamond and sapphire needles. You can't buy a better, longer lasting needle at any price.

IMG_4856.JPG (19589 bytes) IMG_4857.JPG (16606 bytes)

901-D3 for playing 78 RPM records $19.99

Replaces Crosley NP-4-78

901-D7 for playing stereo 45 & 33 RPM records $15

Replaces Crosley NP-4

IMG_4922.JPG (12343 bytes) IMG_4923.JPG (11346 bytes)

4211-D6 $13

Replaces Crosley NP-3  45/33 play

Also available

4211-D3 $22

Replaces Crosley NP-3-78  78 play 




.7 mil diamond tip for 45/33 play

Replaces Crosley NS-1  $14


3 mil sapphire tip for 78 play

Replaces Crosley NS-1-78 $15 


IMG_4871.JPG (20526 bytes) IMG_4872.JPG (15255 bytes)

793-D7 $10.99

.7 mil diamond tip for 45/33 play

Replaces Crosley NP-1

IMG_5861.JPG (41275 bytes)  IMG_5862.JPG (46282 bytes)  IMG_5865.JPG (41922 bytes)

793-D7M $14.99

The "M" is for Metal Cantilever, this is the commercial heavy duty version of the above needle and the one I personally recommend.

.7 mil diamond tip for 45/33 play

Also replaces Crosley NP-1

IMG_5812.JPG (57440 bytes)  IMG_5813.JPG (54737 bytes)  IMG_5811.JPG (50066 bytes)

793-S3 $19.99

3 mil Sapphire tip for 78 play

Replaces Crosley NP-78


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Updated 7/19/2022