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Needles for Sanyo/Fisher Cartridges

  Save money and buy this generic version of the 213-D6C

IMG_4914.JPG (14796 bytes) IMG_4916.JPG (52950 bytes)

4213-D6 $13

Fits: MG-44J, M11

IMG_4898.JPG (20626 bytes) IMG_4899.JPG (17569 bytes)

710-D7 $13

Fits: MG-41J

IMG_2348.JPG (8583 bytes)

740-D7 $15.99

Fits: MG-29G, MG-55D

IMG_4879.JPG (15700 bytes) IMG_4880.JPG (14645 bytes)

746-D7 $18

Fits: MG-37D

IMG_4959.JPG (12922 bytes) IMG_4960.JPG (13951 bytes)

731-D7 $18

Fits: MG-38D

IMG_4865.JPG (13290 bytes) IMG_4866.JPG (11269 bytes)

794-D7 $16

Fits: MG-66D, MG-67D

IMG_4856.JPG (19589 bytes) IMG_4857.JPG (16606 bytes)

901-D7 $15

Fits: MG-09

IMG_4823.JPG (10592 bytes)  IMG_4824.JPG (13175 bytes)

736-D7 $15

Fits: Sanyo & Fisher MG-9

Aiwa, Denon, Sharp 143,  Toshiba N-77 and more

Below types fit most Nostalgia and USB Turntables

Replaces: ST-05 & ST-707J

IMG_4871.JPG (20526 bytes) IMG_4872.JPG (15255 bytes)

793-D7 $10.99

.7 mil diamond tip for 45/33 play

IMG_5861.JPG (41275 bytes)  IMG_5862.JPG (46282 bytes)  IMG_5865.JPG (41922 bytes)

793-D7M $14.99

The "M" is for Metal Cantilever, this is the commercial heavy duty version of the above needle.

.7 mil diamond tip for 45/33 play

IMG_5812.JPG (57440 bytes)  IMG_5813.JPG (54737 bytes)  IMG_5811.JPG (50066 bytes)

793-S3 $19.99

Built with heavy duty metal cantilever for the tough requirements of playing 78's.

3 mil Sapphire  tip for 78 play


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